John Philip Sousa IV
Welcome to my new (and hopefully improved) website.

As most of you know, we have just concluded the effort to place Dr Ben Carson in the White effort that fell short and will be negatively  felt by our country for many years to come.

For those of you who joined me, many thanks for all you did; we made history, we did what was right and our efforts will long be remembered.

So what is next? 

Well, I'm going to be spending much more time as Director of Business Development for Midwood Financial. 

I am going to re energize all my efforts to make sure we do all we can to insure that the legacy of Great Grandfather is alive and well.

We have recently republished his autobiography and I have developed an hour long power point presentation around the the book that was first delivered at the MidWest in December. This is a wonderful teaching tool for music students, history students and those that want to know more about JPS.

Now that the campaign for Ben is over, I have time again to narrate Sousa and Patriotic concerts. As many of you know, my fee of $1500. + travel expenses and includes a completely custom narration built around the music you select as well as interesting local information about Sousa and some fun information about what it is like to be related to such an incredible American icon. I am happy to do radio and newspaper interviews to help boost attendance. I am always happy to do a
 private get together with your key sponsors or donors and generally do whatever I can to help your band. Not knowing what would happen with ben's campaign, I did not book any concerts for July this year, so if interested in the 4th, please let me know soon.