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John Philip Sousa, IV has followed in his Great Grandfather's footsteps, not as a musician, but as a citizen of the United States who is passionate about helping to stop the misdirection his country is taking. Sousa, IV loves his country and in his own way does what he can to ensure that the Republic thrives.
Official portrait of John Philip Sousa in his Marine Corp dress Uniform. This painting hangs in the Marine Corp Barracks in Washington DC
John Philip Sousa, IV
John Philip Sousa, IV is a frequent speaker and narrator at Sousa concerts and at Patriotic concerts around the country. He not only talks about his Great Grandfather, his music and the impact that he had on this country, but he talks about what Sousa has meant to our country's heritage. Sousa shares with audiences humorous stories of what it is like to be the great grandson of such an historic person.

JPS IV has developed an entertaining and informative lecture about his great grandfather entitled 'Was Sousa America's first Rock Star?'

Sousa, IV can be seen periodically on TV talk shows as well as interviews on radio and with the print media.

The Act, signed by Ronald Reagan on December 11, 1987 making John Philip Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever The National March of the United States
A Copy of the cover to the sheet music of Stars and Stripes Forever written by John Philip Sousa, The March King
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The Stars and Stripes Forever
Copy of the 1919-1920 souvenir Program from Sousa's concerts