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John Philip Sousa,IV believes strongly in a meaningful immigration policy....'My Great Great Grandparents immigrated to the USA legally and their son, John Philip Sousa became the patriot who wrote our National March, Stars and Stripes Forever. 

We need the minds and the work of legal immigrants, but ONLY for those who will not be taking American jobs and for those who proudly walk through the front door and NOT those who illegally sneak in the back door. 

I am tired of pressing one for English, I am tired of looking for the English instructions on boxes....If you don't speak English or you are not willing to learn English, I would strongly suspect that you should not be a permanent resident in the United States of America.

Sousa proudly serves as a member of the Board of Advisors for The Federation of American Immigration Reform FAIR (FAIRUS.ORG), is their Honorary Chairman for their 7th Generation Society and gladly helps to form policy regarding both legal and illegal immigration.

Sousa has also served as Vice Chairman of Americans Against Illegal Immigration (AAII), an organization designed to help Congressional candidates who believed in an American Immigration policy.

John served on the board and was Honorary Chairman of Enduring Freedom, KIA Fund which raised millions of dollars and dispersed those funds to the widows and children of those who had died fighting terrorism in Iraq and in Afghanistan.
It was, in part, thanks to Enduring Freedom Fund that Congress ultimately raised the amount of money that was given to the families
of our fallen brothers and sisters.
John with Erik and Dan Espensin (Chairman of Enduring Freedom) at Central Command in Tampa where we were thanked for our efforts in raising millions of dollars for the families.
The way some Illegal Aliens feel about the USA....Nuf said!
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From an article about Sousa IVs involvement with an outstanding and highly successful organization dedicated to help COMBAT Vets in their quest for election to The US Congress.
Americans For Sheriff Joe is an independent Expenditure Committee set up to help Sheriff Joe Arpaio in AZ get reelected.
I have the good fortune and honor of being Chairman of this organization. Sheriff Joe is up against the millions of dollars pledged by anti American, George Sorros. Obama's Attorney General, Erik Holder  has filed numerous suits against this man who has done more to help stop illegal immigration than almost anyone else in America. LaRaza, all the folks who want blanket amnesty and the open border crowds are putting up truck loads of money in their campaign to defeat a really good guy. 
We are committed to his victory. I hope you will join in this fight to protect America.

America4RMarines.org is an outstanding organization that provides needed supplies to our Marines serving in what only can be considered a living hell.

Better than 97% of every dollar goes to the task of helping our Marines who dedicate their every waking minute protecting us from the bad guys.

Please support America4Rmarines.org in any way you can;

It is time for the Silent Majority to once again rise up and take back our government and restore to the foundation that our Constitution mandated.
I proudly sit on the Board of Advisors of FAIR who does such an incredible job of working to help insure that the United States has a fair and reasonable immigration policy. FAIR works on both legal and illegal immigration issues; both of which are critical to the financial well being of our country.
Obamacare, amnesty, EPA run a muck, sky rocketing taxes, 16 trillion dollar deficit, lowest work force participation in generations, highest welfare participation EVER....A Federal Government out of control and a 'leader' who is much more interested in politics and campaigning than he is in working for Americans.
 The pro amnesty,
 pro illegal immigrant thugs are trying to recall Sheriff Joe....We are working hard to to stop these pro crime, anti America thugs from taking the Sheriffs job away.....Please join the fight at: